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Spreading Awareness of Hands Cleanliness and Sanization

On 9th October,The engineering students of Galgotias College of Engineering and Technology acquainted with “Knowledge Tech Educational and Social Welfare Trust” went to an expedition to Surajpur under the guidance of Dr.Bipin Kumar Srivastava.The trust works for the welfare of the children and people who are needy and not well aware of the current pandemic scenario.Their slogan is ”Dil Ki Suno,Kuch Karo”. which briefly states that they listen to their hearts and help others who needs it the most.The theme of that expedition was to make children aware about the precautions they must take in this current pandemic situation.

It began with the members reaching to the slum areas of Surajpur where they gave a brief description of their trust.Team members Eshita and Daksh started by giving a brief introduction of the trust,why and what are the works they do.then Anshika told them about the benefits and use of hand sanitizer.The steps were shown to them with the following enumeration.Few drops were sanitizer were placed on the hands of chilldren by Hammad,Kishan and Abhishek Pandey and they were asked to follow the steps as told.They all got speedingly involved and sanitized their hands in the same way as elaborated.

The next member Sheetal and Sonam stated the importance of washing hands which everyone does but not in the correct way.A demo using a liquid soap was shown and a drop was also placed on the hands of children with the few drops of water.They were asked to rub their hands properly for atleast 20 seconds and then wash off the foam with water.

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